Fun in the Sun Unit of Study Highlights

Lazy days of summer spent outdoors …..

Families and friends getting together …..

Beach games and water fights …..

Most of us have great memories of long summer days, playing with our friends, and only coming in when our mom’s called us for lunch.

Children of today may not spend as many hours freely exploring outside as we did.  There are so many reasons for this – parents away at work all day, the lure of computer and video games, and society’s need for children to be closely supervised by a trusting adult.  Early childhood education and care programs can still provide hours of ‘fun in the sun’ activities to bring those lazy days of summer back into the lives of children.

Summer fun creates lasting memories for children.  Through hands-on activities, children:

  • Discover the power of the sun through great experiments
  • Create a ‘sun beam’ wand to use in dance and movement activities
  • Play a game of bowling using a beach ball
  • Make paper sun visors and flip flops

Summer fun and children naturally go hand in hand.  Become a child again yourself and find the ‘fun in the sun’!