Frogs and Toads

||Frogs and Toads

Frogs and Toads


Explore our green and jumpy summer friends


Product Description

Why are toads bumpy and frogs slippery?
How do frogs and toads catch flies?
Where do frogs go during the winter?
Why do frogs and toads have googly eyes?

Children are full of questions about everything in their world. Providing opportunities for hands-on exploration with real frogs and toads provide answers to a lot of their questions.
This Unit of Study provides a variety of experiences that are fun and easy to do. Children will be using mathematic and logical thinking skills, developing gross and fine motor skills, and working cooperatively as they:

  • Become a ‘frog prince’
  • Create and play frog and lily pad math games
  • Try their coordination skills as a frog catching flies
  • Jump for health


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