‘Firefighter Frank’ Unit of Study Highlights
Book by Monica Wellington

Hat, coat and boots …..
Ladders and hoses …..
Lights and sirens ……
These are all things that most of us can relate to the brave men and women who fight our fires.

Firefighter Frank helps children to understand the work of a firefighter, AND the importance of good fire safety practices. Although October is generally thought of as ‘Fire Safety’ month, learning about fire safety and developing strategies to be safe is something that needs to be addressed all year long.

Children are learning through everything they do and experience. Through hands-on activities, children:
• Draw a picture of themselves as a firefighter
• Create a fire truck from basic shapes
• Develop large motor skills and coordination by climbing up and down steps, stairs, and ladders
• Plan out a nutritious lunch

The Fire Safety Unit of Study, available at http://earlylearningsuccess.net/product/fire-safety-unit-of-study/is a great companion Unit!