Iridescent shimmering scales…..
Light and graceful feathers …..
Creatures of the sky and water ….
Birds and fish have remarkable, protective coverings of their skin.

There are so many things to do with fish and birds that can spark a child’s curiosity and desire to learn more. The more children understand about the world in which they live, the more likely it is that they will care for and respect all of the Earth’s living creatures and magnificence.

Children explore the world of birds and fish through hands-on activities:
• Practice counting ‘goldfish’, while having a snack too!
• Categorize animals by differentiating between ‘feathered’ and ‘scaled’ animals
• Explore how blowing can move a feather or keep it up in the air

Feathers and scales add vibrant color to our world; birds and fish add graceful movement. Hopefully, children are inspired by these interesting creatures to design, create and invent.