Acorns falling from the trees …..
Squirrels and bees gathering food …..
Vibrant leaves and crisp foggy mornings ……
All of these signal the change of seasons from summer to fall.

The change in seasons can be invigorating. Summer may have gotten long and hot. Now that it is cooler in the morning, children can get outside and exercise those large muscles as they play running games, ride bikes, and go for long nature walks. Be sure to encourage children to find those changes in the season – squirrels scurrying around looking for nuts, leaves turning color and falling to the ground, and birds gathering together for their fall migration.

Fall is a time of discovery and outdoor fun. Through hands-on activities, children:
• Explore different fall items in a Sensory Box
• Use crayon resist painting to create a fall tree
• Listen and move to special directions while playing a Leaf Game

Cooler days, sunny skies and wispy clouds herald in a beautiful fall day. Get out and enjoy!!