‘Elmer’ (the Patchwork Elephant)
Book by David McKee

Playing with your best friend …..
Wearing the ‘cool’ shoes …..
Being on a team……
Fitting in and being part of a group is really important as we grow from children through adolescence. ‘Elmer (the Patchwork Elephant)’ just wants to be part of his group too.

This story helps children understand that we are all unique and special, and this is wonderful! Children discover that we do not all have to be alike in order to be a group. And, that it is the talents and uniqueness each of us bring to the group that helps make the group strong. Seeing differences and similarities as strengths, children learn to value each and every member of the group.

Elmer learns that his colorful appearance helps make him unique and special. Activities in this Unit help children:
• See that their name can be unique by making a Name Card
• Make ‘trumpeting’ sounds with their very own trunk trumpet
• Learn about camouflage and how it can help us be more invisible

David McKee has written many books with Elmer as the main character. We all can learn a lot through Elmer’s trials, tribulations, and escapades.