Earth Wise

Earth Wise


This world is for our children to inherit.  We need to teach them it is as important to care for it as it is important to care for their toys or pets.  Help them start by celebrating Earth Day!

Product Description


  • Clean air to breathe …..
  • Clean water to drink …..
  • Soil that is free of harmful pesticides …..
  • Animals living in their native habitats …..

These are things we need in order to live in a healthy world.

Becoming ‘Earth Wise’ is all about learning what the environment needs in order to be healthy.  It takes all of us working together to ensure that this world will be there for generations to come.  There is so much land, air and habitat destruction happening all over the world today that can have a devastating effect on all of us.  We need to teach our children that we share in the responsibility to help protect the world.

Children are very sensitive when it comes to someone or something being hurt.  Through teaching them good practices for taking care of our world, hopefully we can instill a life-long attitude of caring for the world and each other.

Children learn best when they are ‘doing’.  The following activities are hands-on activities that help children learn about preserving our environment.  Through these activities children:

  • Learn about the water cycle
  • Discover different habitats for animals
  • Exercise their large muscles by moving like different animals
  • Make wonderful ‘trash treasures’ from junk


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