The rumble of a garbage truck…..
Dogs barking in the night…..
Fireworks in celebration of the 4th of July……
Our world is full of different sounds – loud, soft and in between.

Noise can be found all around us. We hear different things every day, from birds singing in the morning (early!) to the sounds of people coming home from work in the evening. Teaching young children to listen to and recognize the various sounds in their world is a skill that can help them stay safe as they grow up and go out into the greater world. This awareness of sounds not only helps keep us safe, but it also enriches our world.

In this Unit, children explore sound and noise through hands-on activities by:
• Taking a neighborhood ‘noise’ walk
• Experimenting with sound using boxes, cans and tubs as drums
• Building a wooden tower … until it comes crashing down
• Making a noise maker for different celebrations

Take the time to really listen and hear all of the beautiful sounds in our world.