Green and chubby …

Poky spikes …

Brown and fuzzy …

Caterpillars come in all different colors, shapes and forms, and children love to collect them!

Caterpillars provide a very close-up examination of the small creatures that live in our world. Children can study small eco-systems by catching a caterpillar and setting up an environment for it, complete with the correct food, water and a branch. If you are lucky, the caterpillar may spin a cocoon or turn into a chrysalis – wait a few weeks and you may hatch a moth or butterfly!

Through hands-on activities in this Unit, children:

  • Discover the difference between cocoons and chrysalises
  • Use a special ‘inchworm’ ruler to measure various items
  • Practice fine motor skills by making a button caterpillar

Explore caterpillars with your children and re-discover the joys of childhood.