Coats, jackets and shirts …..
Big, little, round and square …..
Insert, push and pull ……
Buttons can be a challenge for all of us sometimes!

Learning to button, zip and tie are major accomplishments for children as they develop independence through mastering self-help skills. Providing opportunities for lots of practice ensures that children are able to master these skills. Children that are competent in taking care of their basic needs feel better about themselves and develop confidence in their abilities, which in turn supports school readiness.

Buttons are an easy material to access. Through hands-on activities, children:
• Discover what items of clothing have buttons
• Practice math skills through graphing buttons
• Use buttons as a material for creativity
• Practice buttoning as they make a cool headband

The more children have the opportunity to manipulate buttons, the better they will be at being able to dress independently – and that is a goal we are working towards!

NOTE: Activities using buttons should be closely supervised; size of buttons should be appropriate for ages of children