Whether children are blowing or chasing bubbles, painting with them, imitating them or studying them, most children will have an emotional reaction to them.  Just listen to the excited voices of children when you bring out that bottle of bubbles!


Product Description

There are many different recipes for making bubbles.  Look on pages 30-31 for some great recipes to try!  Bubbles are a great motivator for physical activity as children run, jump and try to catch them floating by. But, they can also be a catalyst of creativity through using them in art –creative writing, creative movement, and the visual arts.  Bubbles will almost always elicit some type of reaction from children and adults.

Bubbles can be used to address all domains of development.  Through hands-on activities, children use bubbles to:

  • Explore descriptive language
  • Practice counting and number skills
  • Use scientific investigative skills to determine the best bubble solution
  • Blow bubbles to create unique art


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