Bats Unit of Study Highlights

Silently soaring in a night sky…..
Catching thousands of mosquitos each night …..
Pollinating plants and dispersing seeds ……
Bats have acquired a bad reputation but are really very important mammals to eco systems and agriculture across the world.

Bats are fascinating creatures to watch and study. Many American bat species are in severe population decline or are already endangered, as they are worldwide. Bats contribute to a healthy environment, productive agriculture crops, and have provided insight to the scientific world. The Bat Rescue website has a lot of great information about this helpful little creature

Children that gain an understanding of how different animal species contribute to the Earth’s well-being are more likely to become ‘stewards of the Earth’. Bats can be used to inspire learning through:
• Using the ‘a-t’ of ‘b-a-t’ to create other words in a rhyming word wheel
• Encouraging children to become bat scientists or chiroptologists
• Exploring painting techniques to create a bat mobile
• Playing a game to experience ‘sound location’

Let’s all go ‘batty’ for the good of our planet!