‘Alphabet Under Construction’ Unit of Study Highlights
Book by Denise Fleming

Airbrushing A …..
Buttoning B …..
Carving C ……
In Alphabet Under Construction, Mouse finds 26 ways to add a construction ‘flavor’ to the letters of the alphabet.

Children will have fun designing, creating and ‘constructing’ their own letters. The more children are exposed to letters and words, the more they see writing and reading as an important way to communicate. There are MANY books that use the alphabet to explore other topics or content areas. This is a great way to help preschoolers (and even school-agers) develop and expand their vocabulary. Loving letters and words can lead to a life-long love of reading and writing.

There are a lot of fun, learning activities that can be planned using the letters of the alphabet. Through hands-on activities, children:
• Create through illustrations a ‘word wall/pictionary’ of construction words
• Use cardboard boxes to build, (and rebuild), a variety of structures
• Demonstrate their agility and balance on ‘letter balance beams’
• Make yummy vegetable soup and fruit salad, (identifying vegetables and fruits based on letters of the alphabet)

You will be amazed at how children start using more descriptive vocabulary when they talk about what they are doing. The more they learn, the more they want to share with you!