Repost from August 2019

The Power Camp curriculum is a special resource from Early Learning Success, LLC that will help children develop ‘positive personal power’ to help them be successful in school, with peers, and in live. In this time of social injustices, it is important that children learn how to support and celebrate everyone and their contributions.

Many years ago, (in another lifetime LOL!), I worked in a school-age program with kids that were pretty much out of control. Over the course of the year, and some specialized training, I hit upon some strategies that turned an unruly group into a caring, support ‘community’.  Key to this was helping the kids develop ‘positive personal power‘.  And so was born…. Power Camp!

I revised the original curriculum and integrated specific Units of Study from the Early Learning Success curriculum so that children can start developing ‘positive personal power’ at a very early age.

Power Camp is now available in the ELS Store. Here is a summary of the curriculum:

Power Camp
A Curriculum for Social & Emotional Learning
A thoughtful curriculum for young children through School Age to help children develop their own ‘Positive Personal Power’. This curriculum supports the development of a positive learning environment where all children contribute to the well-being of the ‘community’. The development of ‘Positive Personal Power’ is a key factor in preventing bullying behavior.
Components addressed to help children develop ‘Positive Personal Power’ include:
• Positive self-esteem
• Membership in a group
• Communication skills such as listening and the power of language
• Strategies for solving conflicts
• Practicing respect and responsibility for ourselves, towards others, and our environment
• Positive decision making strategies
• Recognizing, respecting, and celebrating diversity
• Commitment to civic responsibility and service learning

This 500 page curriculum includes 10 Units that cover these important components, incorporating specific Units of Study from the Early Learning Success curriculum.