The Early Learning Success has 120 Units of Study that cover a variety of common early childhood topics. The Giving Thanks Unit of Study centers on our Thanksgiving holiday. It is available at Giving Thanks Unit

A complete list and description of the 120 Units of Study is available in the Current  Curriculum Catalogue

Giving Thanks Unit of Study Highlights
Turkeys strutting …..
Family memories ……
‘Horn of plenty’ with fall bounty…..
Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with friends and family.

Everyone has things that they can be thankful for. Helping children recognize the things in their lives to be thankful for is one way to nurture the development of empathy and consideration of others. Children that are able to look at their world through the eyes of others are more likely to become caring and contributing members in their community.

Thanksgiving is a time for turkeys, families, and reflection. Through hands-on activities, children:
• Create a family portrait
• Make a horn of plenty (cornucopia)
• Play some fun turkey games

Fall is a time for thanksgiving and harvest celebrations. These activities are filled with joy and happiness as we gather with friends and family.

Turkey Tails Activity – try one of the activities from the Unit