We offer packages of 6, 10, 15, 24 Units of Study – allowing you to select from dozens of units in our store.

Packages are for individual program use only, per copyright restrictions. If interested in using for multi-site programs, contact Nancy at  http://earlylearningsuccess.net/contact/


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What people are saying about Early Learning Success

“I have used this curriculum for over a year and love the flexibility of the use for all ages. The children love it and my parents are very happy with the variety. It is very cost effective and I tell many providers how great it is and how it works so well with Parent Aware.”


“The Early Learning Success curriculum provides guidance for learning activities that help children be ready for school. Each activity explains how the learning is important for school or life success. It is also very affordable, and I can use just the parts that fit my kids. I look forward to the new topics each month.”