Does the Early Learning Success curriculum meet current standards?

The Early Learning Success curriculum is developed according to best practices around early learning standards.  It easily aligns with other states’ QRIS criteria and early learning standards. Click on the link to see how it aligns with your State’s standards. Each of our activity plans states the developmental domain and components addressed and why this activity is important for development.

What makes Early Learning Success different?

From our affordable price to the comprehensive, adaptable nature of our Units of Study, there are several reasons why our curriculum stands out. Find out 8 reasons why our curriculum has everything you need.

How much does it cost?

We offer build-your-own packages of 6, 10, 15, 24 Units of Study starting as low as $49 for a package, or the option to purchase Individual Units. Visit the store or download our Current Catalogue. We currently have 120 Units of Study in our Store.

How do I introduce this new curriculum?

The ELS curriculum provides a framework for planning activities and experiences that are intentional and purposeful. It is important that the families of the children in your care know that you are providing a curriculum that will help their children be ready to succeed in school. Click here to download a flyer that you can post for families to see.

What are 'repetitive reading' Units?

Repetitive reading Units focus on one particular book for the entire Unit. Activities are developed that address the developmental domains using the chosen book.

What are the Unit Plans like?

Each Unit is written using the same format to make planning for your program easy, consistent and address your individual program. Each Unit includes: an overview of the Unit topic, a general framework of ideas that cover all areas of development, 8 detailed activity plans for preschool and school-age, specific ideas for infants and toddlers, blank planning forms to make the Unit ‘your own’, and pictures and templates to support activities.

How long do the Unit Plans last?

Planning for young children needs to be flexible and follow their interest. Sometimes children are interested in topics for weeks, other times they are only interested for a few days. In general, each Unit provides activities that can last from 2-4 weeks, depending on the interest of the children and the time necessary for different activities. The ELS curriculum format is designed to provide a framework for planning, and it encourages providers to add their own activities and ideas to best support their children.

Are there new activities for each Unit?

Each Unit is developed with new activities. Although some activities in one Unit may be similar to one in a different Unit, they are not exactly the same

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What people are saying about Early Learning Success

“The Early Learning Success curriculum provides guidance for learning activities that help children be ready for school. Each activity explains how the learning is important for school or life success. It is also very affordable, and I can use just the parts that fit my kids. I look forward to the new topics each month.”


“I have used this curriculum for over a year and love the flexibility of the use for all ages. The children love it and my parents are very happy with the variety. It is very cost effective and I tell many providers how great it is and how it works so well with Parent Aware.”