Do we ever have enough ideas? Here are some great ideas to get into the swing of fall! Some of these ideas are so good, they are repeats from previous posts! And they all support a child’s development while being fun!

Apple-Cinnamon Sachets
• ½ cup cinnamon
• ½ cup store bought applesauce (homemade sauce will likely be too watery)
Or any equal portions of both ingredients depending upon the quantity you need

• Stir together cinnamon and applesauce with a spoon until the dough becomes stiff, then use your hands to create a ball of dough.
• Place the ball of dough on a sheet of waxed paper, flatten slightly with your fingers.
• Place a second sheet of waxed paper over the top of the dough and roll out dough to about 1/8 inch thick.
• Use cookie cutters or your own template shapes.
• Air dry creations on a waxed paper-covered cookie sheet or a cooling rack for at least 24 hours until they are completely hard.

Apple Smiles
• 1 medium red apple, cored and sliced
• 3-4 tablespoons peanut butter
• 32 miniature marshmallows
:Note: If you have children with nut allergies, use cream cheese and raisins instead

• Wash, core, and cut apple in half. Cut each half into 8 slices.
• Spread peanut butter on one side of each apple slice.
• Place 3 or 4 mini-marshmallows on top of peanut butter on one apple slice.
• Top with another and press together to make one “smile.”
• Continue assembling remaining apple slices.

Pumpkin Pie Play Dough
This smells great, so remind small children that it is not for eating (although it won’t hurt them!).
• 5 1/2 cups flour
• 2 cups salt
• 8 teaspoons cream of tartar
• 3/4 cup oil
• 1 (1 1/12 ounces) container pumpkin pie spice
• Orange food coloring (2 parts yellow, 1 part red)
• 4 cups water

• Mix all of the ingredients together.
• Cook and stir over medium heat until all lumps disappear.
• Knead the dough on a floured surface until it is smooth. tore in an airtight container.

Pumpkin Prints
• Cut a mini pumpkin in half crosswise.
• Using the stem as a handle, let the children dip the pumpkin into the paint, then onto the paper to make pumpkin prints.
Looks great with orange paint on black paper!

Fall Wreath
Simple and successful!!

• Collect lots of leaves, seed pods, acorns/nuts and other interesting items from a nature walk
• Cut the center out of a paper plate
• Glue your leaves and other ‘treasures’ onto the backside of the paper plate.
• ** Help children learn about patience – it takes a little time for the glue to dry!!
• Cover the entire paper plate
• Add a piece of string for a hanger, or simply lay the wreath in a plate and place on table
(I made this with my granddaughters and they turned out quite lovely!)

Colored Leaves

• Cut out leaf shapes from construction paper, then drop autumn colored paint on each shape.
• Fold in half, then open to reveal a fun pattern.
• Make a number of leaves, and then glue them on to a cut-out of a tree trunk and branches.
You’ve got your own fall tree!

Autumn Window Pictures
• Orange, red and yellow cellophane or tissue paper.
• Laminator and laminator pocket (or contact film)
• Orange or red cardstock
• Double sided sticky tape
• Glitter glue (optional)

• Cut a selection of leaf shapes from the cellophane or tissue paper. If you like you can decorate some with glitter glue and leave to dry.
• If using a laminator arrange your leaves in the pocket. If using contact film, cut two same size pieces. Carefully peel the back off one and stick on your leaves. Peel the back off the other and carefully stick to the back of your first piece.
• Cut the middle from your piece of cardstock to make a frame.
• Use double-sided tape to attach the frame to the leaf picture.

Nature Walk Collection Basket
• Use a child-size basket with handle
• Add small containers or paper cups to collect and sort items you find on a walk
• These items can later be used for sorting activities using an egg carton
• Or, use these items and a branch to create a ‘Nature Mobile’.
• Glue items onto string and tie onto branch.

Acorn Dough Nuts
Your kids will go nutty for these clever fall treats, which look like acorns but taste a whole lot sweeter.
• Chocolate Frosting or Peanut Butter
• Doughnut holes
• Crumbled Toffee
• Pretzel

1. Frost a third or so of a plain or glazed doughnut hole with chocolate frosting or peanut butter.
2. Roll the frosted top in crumbled toffee (look for it in the baking section of grocery stores), then add a small piece of a pretzel for the stem.

Enjoy the wonderful ‘fruits’ of Fall!