John Chapman was a real person who traveled across large parts of Pennsylvania, Ontario, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, as well as the northern counties of present-day West Virginia, planting apple trees as he went. He was aptly nicknamed Johnny Appleseed.  Children love to do apple activities as we celebrate his birthday on September 26.

Johnny Appleseed by Jodie Shepherd
Johnny Appleseed by Reeve Lindbergh
The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons

Apple Unit of Study                                                                                                                                        The Early Learning Success curriculum has the  Apple Unit of Study available this month for $6 in honor of Johnny Appleseed!

Apple Activities                                                                                                                                               1. Counting Apples
Cut an apple in half and use to make apple prints
On the top of a large piece of paper, write the numerals 1-10
Using the apples dipped in tempera paint, make the appropriate number of apples under each numeral

2. Apple Pizza
Core apples, slice into rings
Spread peanut butter or cream cheese onto apple slice
Top with coconut, raisins, blueberries, sunflower seeds, M&Ms, or other items

3. Apple Pie Cloud Dough
Mix 1 can shaving cream and 2 boxes of cornstarch together
Add 2Tablespoons of apple pie spice
Add a few drops (4-5) of red food coloring

4. Apple Toss
Toss plastic apples into baskets
Place the baskets are different distances from a tape ‘Throw Line’

5. Painted Apple Tree
Use brown tempera paint to paint a tree trunk on a piece of paper
Scrunch up paper to make a ball
Dip the paper ball in red, yellow and green paint and make apple prints on the tree trunk

6. Patterning with Apples
Cut out apples from red, green and yellow construction paper
Make pattern cards for children to follow – example: red, green, red, green
Children create patterns with the paper apples

7. Picking Apples
Draw and color an apple tree onto paper; laminate for durability
Place red, green, and yellow pompoms on tree for ‘apples’
Use a die or spinner; children roll the die/spin and then use tweezers to ‘pick’ the correct number of apples

8. Grocery Bag Apple
Cut apple shapes from the inside of a grocery bag – 2 for each child
Children sponge paint the grocery bag apples
Hold the paper apples together and punch holes about every 1-2 inches around the outside edge
Children sew the pieces together, leaving a space at the top
Stuff scrunched up newspaper into the opening and finish sewing apple shut

This article is a reprint from 2018.