What!!!! Bullying in Preschoolers??!!!!

It is in the news almost daily…. kids bullying other kids.  Most of us assume bullying behaviors start in elementary school and carry on or accelerate during the teen years.  But, unfortunately, child care settings are where many children first observe or experience early forms of “bullying behaviors”.  If not addressed, this behavior can continue [...]

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What is SEL, and why it is so important for children

This article was first published in the ELS Newsletter, Fall 2019. In light of what is happening in our country, this is important for children today. The acronym SEL is a current topic in many articles related to early childhood education. So, what does it stand for, and why is this important for today’s children?SEL [...]

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Yikes!!! My child is doing ….

Part 2: How do caregivers support development? Understanding that children develop at their own pace, and through a pretty consistent pattern is very important for anyone working with young children. Sometimes just KNOWING that the child is not being ‘naughty’ but actually working very hard to master a new skill can give caregivers an entirely [...]

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Yikes!!!! My Child is Doing……

Part 1 on Child Development Tired of picking toys or items off of the floor after your 13 month old drops them from their high chair tray?Wondering why your 2 year old ALWAYS has to dump out ALL of the toys?Losing patience with your 3 year old that insists on trying to zip his own [...]

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Early Learning Success Spring Units

The Early Learning Success curriculum is a 'standards based' approach that supports each child's development, is easily adaptable to most settings, uses materials that are commonly found in early learning environments, and is very affordable. Check out the Units of Study that will make Spring come alive! Baby Animals BirdsCaterpillarsEarth WiseFarm AnimalsFrogsGardeningMudSpringSpringing UpStewards of the EarthThe [...]

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Winter Solstice Sparks Winter Celebrations

In the Northern Hemisphere, winter means less daylight, shorter days and colder temperatures. Consequently, we turn on lights so we can see, and make fires to keep us warm and protected from the winter cold. The Winter Solstice is a celebration of the sun and the end of winter. It is sometime between December 21 [...]

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Cold and Flu Prevention Checklist

Repost from previous years. We are heading into that season where many germs are shared! Here are some strategies that will help us stay healthier, and stop the spread of germs. Although these are practices that should be ‘no brainers’, they can never be said enough! Stay Home If You're Sick We want to teach [...]

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Children Need to Create

Infants and toddlers are constant motion – touching, smelling, tasting almost everything thing they see! They are learning about the world through their senses and sensory play. Often, infants and toddlers ‘experience their world’ through art materials but we don’t think of them as ‘creating’. Offering infants and toddlers a variety of different materials to [...]

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Celebrate Johnny Appleseed

John Chapman was a real person who traveled across large parts of Pennsylvania, Ontario, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, as well as the northern counties of present-day West Virginia, planting apple trees as he went. He was aptly nicknamed Johnny Appleseed.  Children love to do apple activities as we celebrate his birthday on September 26. Books [...]

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Top 9 Safety Tips for Public Bathrooms: When Going Solo is a Must

Although this article is written to help parents deal with the issue of using public bathrooms, the tips hold true for anyone who takes children to public places, including child care providers and teachers. Moms eventually must let their sons use the boys' restroom and dads must allow their daughters to go into the girls' [...]

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