Summer Skill Builders

Summer can be lazy days …. playing in the sun, splashing in the water, watching clouds go by, picnicking under the shade of a huge tree. Use these great lazy day activities to support your children’s development.  Make sure that you are including activities that address the different developmental domains every day. • Shadow dancing [...]

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Summer First Aid Kit – A Must for All Care Providers

This a reprint from past years. It is always important to be prepared when caring for children! Are you prepared for injuries that might happen at the playground? A Playground First Aid Kit usually has fewer supplies than what is in your home or center First Aid Kit. A fanny pack or small backpack works [...]

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Ahhhh Summer! Intentional Planning for Summer

Although it may be tempting to take the summer off from planning, there are many benefits in continuing with your intentional programming: • Children need learning activities to keep their brains engaged • A busy day goes by so much more quickly for children and adults • A planned day goes by so much more [...]

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Temperament Part 3: Supporting and Nurturing Positive Development for All Children

This is the final segment of The Approaches to Learning Domain and Temperament blog series. Working with children requires that caregivers understand that each child is different, and an individual. As such, each child will have their own unique way of interacting with the world around them based on their internal temperament. It is important [...]

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Part 2: Approaches to Learning, Temperament, and School Readiness

How does the Approaches to Learning domain and Temperament impact 'school readiness'? In order to answer that question, we need to define “school readiness”. The National Education Association defines school readiness as the “academic knowledge, independence, communication and social skills children need to do well in school”, defined as: • Academic knowledge – children have [...]

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Approaches to Learning and Temperament: Part 1

When educators talk about ‘approaches to learning’, they are referring to the attitudes, behaviors and learning styles children (and adults) use in social situations, in acquiring information and knowledge, and being flexible and resilient when confronted with change or conflict. Your child’s approach to learning is greatly impacted by their temperament. What is temperament? Temperament [...]

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Child Development – Fine Motor Skills

Stacking blocks…. Eating with a fork and spoon…. Putting on socks…. Brushing teeth or hair.... These are all accomplishments that use fine motor skills and are an important part of your child’s development and school readiness. Fine motor abilities allow for increasing independence by being able to open doors, zip and button clothes, self-toilet and [...]

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Purposeful and Intentional

As a caregiver, you spend many hours planning for and then providing activities and learning materials for the children in your care. Understanding the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ behind what you do can help these activities be even more meaningful for children. I call this ‘Purposeful and Intentional’. Excerpt below is from the Early Learning [...]

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Weather Ideas for Spring

Many of us wait all winter for spring! This year I think we may be even more anxious as we try to wait out the end of Winter! As you plan for Spring, here are some great weather ideas that support the developmental domains for early childhood. The Early Learning Success Unit of Study Weather [...]

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Favorite Modeling Dough Recipes

One Hundred and One Recipes for Fun is a great collection of fun and messy recipes that can be integrated into your daily planning and activities. These are not my original ideas; I have compiled these recipes over many years of snipping from magazines, borrowing ideas from fellow caregivers, and searching through resource books and [...]

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