Lost Childhood – A Time to Play

Do you remember running, jumping, sliding and just go..go..going when you were little?  We were outside and we were active.  Our brains and bodies were being stimulated by all of the play opportunities. Today’s young children are much more sedentary than we were.  According to an article by Catherine Holecko, (Fitness for Preschoolers available at [...]

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Taking Care of Yourself

Reprint Pamper yourself… just a little every day. At the end of a long day of childcare, take time to relax with one of these bath-soak recipes! Peace of Mind Bath Salts Recipe Ingredients • 2 cup fine grain sea salt • 3 tbsp dendritic salt (very fine-grained salt) • ½ teaspoon Rosemary essential oil [...]

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Just Playing…

We have all heard that ‘play’ is a child’s work. And, many early childhood programs use play as a basis for their curriculum. But is ‘play’ enough to support a child’s success? In early childhood education, supporting a child’s development in all of the development domains is crucial for school and life success. It is [...]

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Winter 2021 Newsletter

Check out the Early Learning Success Winter 2021 Newsletter. Highlights include 4 current trends for Early Childhood.

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Physical Health and Motor Development Domain

Early Learning Success Curriculum Manual, pages 58-60 From the time a baby is born until they reach early adulthood, they are continuing to physically grow and develop. The Physical and Motor developmental domain provides information and guidance in helping children develop the physical muscle strength and coordination needed to accomplish the many tasks required of [...]

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Creativity and the Arts Domain

Early Learning Success Manual, pages 52-54 Creativity and the Arts domain is about experiencing creative activities and art materials. Young children use sensory activities to experience the materials in their world. As children get older, they begin to gain understanding through participating in the process, eventually moving from ‘process’ to ‘project’ orientated activities. Children bring [...]

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Cognitive Development in Young Children

Early Learning Success Manual, pages 55-57 The Cognitive Development domain focuses on a child’s curiosity about the world around them, and how they make sense of it.  From infants and toddlers learning about the world through their senses, to preschoolers just beginning to use information in complex ways, to school-agers who are acquiring a large [...]

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Social & Emotional Domain

Early Learning Success Manual, pages 39-41 The Social and Emotional Development domain examines how children understand their feelings and the feelings of others, how they feel about themselves, how they develop relationships and interact with others, and how they learn the skills necessary to negotiate the world around them. Positive social and emotional development is [...]

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Language & Literacy Domain

Early Learning Success Manual, pages 47-50 Very young children are amazed with all the new experiences they are having in their world!  Everything they can explore through their five senses – see, hear, taste, feel and smell, are new building blocks to help them explore and understand the environment. They can spend an enormous amount [...]

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Developmental Domains In-Depth

In early childhood, we understand that children develop as a whole within the context of their families and communities. But we also understand that the development of skills are grouped into domains of development. These commonly understood domains of development are used by states, territories, and Head Start to create early learning standards which are [...]

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