Mud and Kids – This is Spring!

A bucket of water, a pail of dirt ….. Mix all together for ….. Mud squishing between our toes ….. Who has not done this before? Or at least found a puddle and walked in it to make mud?? Great childhood memories come from simple things like dirt and water! Children are drawn to mud [...]

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Purposeful and Intentional

As a caregiver, you spend many hours planning for and then providing activities and learning materials for the children in your care. Understanding the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ behind what you do can help these activities be even more meaningful for children. I call this ‘Purposeful and Intentional’. Excerpt below is from the Early Learning [...]

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Weather Ideas for Spring

Many of us wait all winter for spring! This year I think we may be even more anxious as we try to wait out the end of Winter! As you plan for Spring, here are some great weather ideas that support the developmental domains for early childhood. The Early Learning Success Unit of Study Weather [...]

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Best Practices in Early Childhood Programs

Last week we explored the idea of being purposeful and intentional when providing learning opportunities and activities for children. Using best practices in early childhood education and care provides the foundation for being purposeful and intentional. The following practices are important in providing quality early childhood programming and implementing engaging learning activities for children. They [...]

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Request for Ideas!

Early Childhood Educators and Care Givers - I need your help! Early Learning Success writes a blog every week that supports the work you do with children and families. These articles offer strategies on various topics, resources for educators and providers, and activities to do with children and families. Archived articles can be found on [...]

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Pamper Yourself – You Deserve It!

Reposted from February 2017 - Enjoy! The more you take care of yourself, the more you are able to give to the children in your care. When you feel good and are well rested, you are able to: be patient with children, no matter what they spill!; rejoice in their accomplishment, big and not so [...]

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Ice-y Suncatcher for Winter Fun

The ice-y suncatcher has always been one of my favorite activities to do in the winter with my children. I usually do it with things we find in nature (pine cones, sticks, leaves, orange slice etc.) but this time I tried it with crystal gems! The directions are the same so you can try it [...]

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Favorite Modeling Dough Recipes

One Hundred and One Recipes for Fun is a great collection of fun and messy recipes that can be integrated into your daily planning and activities. These are not my original ideas; I have compiled these recipes over many years of snipping from magazines, borrowing ideas from fellow caregivers, and searching through resource books and [...]

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‘Generosity Jar’ Helps Build Positive Environment

Character Traits for a Positive Environment Thoughtfulness, generosity, and empathy are character traits that will help foster an environment that is peaceful and supportive, and where all children can grow and develop to their maximum potential. The question is, ‘How do we foster these character traits in children?’ Although we generally think that these are [...]

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‘Spotlight’ on Popcorn & Pajamas Unit of Study

New Blog Series – ‘Spotlight on ELS Units! With over 100 Units of Study to choose from in the Early Learning Success curriculum, I thought it would be helpful to put a ‘Spotlight’ on Units of Study that are perfect for the season or month. Each ‘spotlight’ unit will also have a special price of [...]

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