Although it may be tempting to take the summer off from planning, there are many benefits in continuing with your intentional programming:
• Children need learning activities to keep their brains engaged
• A busy day goes by so much more quickly for children and adults
• A planned day goes by so much more smoothly
• Children that are engaged are less likely to have behavior challenges
• Less behavior challenges equals a more enjoyable experience for adults and children!
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The Early Learning Success curriculum can help you with your planning so your children are engaged with learning activities! All Units of Study provide intentional and purposeful activities for ages birth through school-age, nurturing development in all domains. There are several ‘Build Your Own’ curriculum packages available in the ELS store.

Here is an example of the ‘Build Your Own’ curriculum Package A – 6 Units of Study for $49. Also included below is a sample activity from each Unit for you to try out! Just click on the activity for the link.

1. Birding Fun Unit of Study
Cracked Up Activity

2. Turtles Unit of Study
Turtle Drum Activity

3. Gardening Galore! Unit of Study
Green Alphabet Activity

4. Camping Fun Unit of Study
Solar Oven Cooking Activity

5. Sea & Sand Unit of Study
Permanent Sand Castle Activity

6. Picnic Party Unit of Study
Ant At A Picnic Game

Great Spring & Summer Units Available in the Early Learning Success Store

Baby Animals
Birding Fun
Earth Wise
Exploding Colors
Farm Animals
Feathers & Scales
Fun in the Sun
Going Buggy
Ice Cream
Picnic Party
Sea & Sand
Springing Up
Stewards of the Earth
Summer Olympics
The Farm
Things that Fly
Under the Sea
Vegetable Garden
Weather Watchers
Wet & Wild
Wind & Water