Do you need some ideas for  Valentine’s Day? Here are some ideas to try. As you do these activities with your children, think about (and write down!) all the different developmental domains you see being addressed.
Heart Rubbings
What You Need:
 Glue Gun
 Poster Board
 Paper
 Crayons
 Sand Papers
What You Do:
1. Before the children arrive use a glue gun to trace hearts of different sizes onto a piece of poster board. Have your children place a piece of thin paper over the hearts and rub it with a crayon. They will be amazed when hearts appear on their paper.
2. Cut out hearts from sandpaper and tape to a piece of poster board. Have your children place a piece of thin paper over the board and rub with a crayon. They will trace a beautiful bumpy valentine’s day heart

Candy heart collage
What You Need:
 Poster Board
 Glue
 Candy Hearts
What You Do:
1. Cut out hearts from poster board. Have your children paint the hearts with glue (try dyeing the glue pink) and then place the candy hearts onto the poster board.

Tissue paper hearts
What You Need:
 Tissue Paper
 Vinegar
 Paper
What You Do:
1. Have your children paint their entire piece of paper with vinegar and then cover it with tissue paper hearts. After the vinegar has dried have your children peel off the hearts to reveal heart designs on their paper.

Puffy Valentine’s Day Hearts
What You Need:
 Shaving Cream
 Elmer’s glue
 Red Tempera Paint
 Poster Board or Thick Paper
 Paint Brushes
What You Do:
1. Mix shaving cream, Elmer’s glue, and red tempera paint to make a puffy paint texture. Give children paint brushes and let them paint onto poster board hearts. The paint dries puffy and makes a beautiful valentine.

Garden Stone
What You Need:
 1 cup of sand
 1/2 cup of cornstarch
 1 teaspoon powdered alum
 3/4 cup of hot water
 Food coloring of child’s choice
 Assortment of items child would like to decorate with.
 Plastic pastel butterflies
 Colored stones
What You Do:
This recipe only makes one stone
Mix sand, cornstarch, and alum in bowl.
1. Add hot water, stirring vigorously until well blended.
2. Add food coloring and blend.
3. Cook over medium heat until thick, stirring constantly.
4. When cooled, Encourage children to flatten the dough out and make it the shape they prefer. Encourage them to decorate their stone. We had the letters M and O cookie cutters on the table and some of the children put the word “mom” on their stone by pushing the cutters in the dough.
5. Dry pieces in the sunshine for several days.
6. Lay out tissue paper, tape and ribbon, encourage children to wrap their gift for their mom’s and if they would like make a card to go with their gift.

Bath Salts
What You Need:
 Epsom Salts
 Clean baby food jars
 Food coloring
 Scented oils
 zip lock bags
What You Do:
1. Have your children pour some Epsom salt into a zip lock bag, then add a few drops of food coloring, zip the bag shut, and shake the bag to mix the salt with the coloring. Open the bag and add a few drops of scented oil. Zip the bag shut, and shake. Pour the mixture into a baby food jar, and attach a note saying I Love You Mommy, Happy Valentine’s Day