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Celebrate Earth Day

Post reprinted from April 2017 April 22 is Earth Day … a day when we clean up our parks, plant trees and flowers, and recycle cans and plastic bottles …. when we talk about how important it is to take care of our Earth. These are all great ideas but….. far too often they are [...]

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‘Loose Parts’ Play

Play for preschoolers can be teacher-directed by providing specific things to play with such as a store set-up in the dramatic play area, or very open-ended with a bin of ‘loose parts’. Both types of play are completely appropriate and help children develop many different skills. So, what exactly is ‘loose parts’ play? Loose parts [...]

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Fun for Spring

Here are some fun things to do this spring that promote great learning. Children are naturally curious and interested in the world around them. Help children develop analysis and problem-solving skills by asking open-ended questions when doing the activities. For the Birds 1. Nesting Material Cut strands of colorful yarn about one foot long     [...]

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Lost Childhood – A Time to Play

Do you remember running, jumping, sliding and just go..go..going when you were little?  We were outside and we were active.  Our brains and bodies were being stimulated by all of the play opportunities. Today’s young children are much more sedentary than we were.  According to an article by Catherine Holecko, (Fitness for Preschoolers available at [...]

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Taking Care of Yourself

Reprint Pamper yourself… just a little every day. At the end of a long day of childcare, take time to relax with one of these bath-soak recipes! Peace of Mind Bath Salts Recipe Ingredients • 2 cup fine grain sea salt • 3 tbsp dendritic salt (very fine-grained salt) • ½ teaspoon Rosemary essential oil [...]

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Just Playing…

We have all heard that ‘play’ is a child’s work. And, many early childhood programs use play as a basis for their curriculum. But is ‘play’ enough to support a child’s success? In early childhood education, supporting a child’s development in all of the development domains is crucial for school and life success. It is [...]

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Winter 2021 Newsletter

Check out the Early Learning Success Winter 2021 Newsletter. Highlights include 4 current trends for Early Childhood.

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