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Yikes!!! My child is doing ….

Part 2: How do caregivers support development? Understanding that children develop at their own pace, and through a pretty consistent pattern is very important for anyone working with young children. Sometimes just KNOWING that the child is not being ‘naughty’ but actually working very hard to master a new skill can give caregivers an entirely [...]

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Yikes!!!! My Child is Doing……

Part 1 on Child Development Tired of picking toys or items off of the floor after your 13 month old drops them from their high chair tray?Wondering why your 2 year old ALWAYS has to dump out ALL of the toys?Losing patience with your 3 year old that insists on trying to zip his own [...]

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Early Learning Success Spring Units

The Early Learning Success curriculum is a 'standards based' approach that supports each child's development, is easily adaptable to most settings, uses materials that are commonly found in early learning environments, and is very affordable. Check out the Units of Study that will make Spring come alive! Baby Animals BirdsCaterpillarsEarth WiseFarm AnimalsFrogsGardeningMudSpringSpringing UpStewards of the EarthThe [...]

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