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Best Practices in Early Childhood Programs

Last week we explored the idea of being purposeful and intentional when providing learning opportunities and activities for children. Using best practices in early childhood education and care provides the foundation for being purposeful and intentional. The following practices are important in providing quality early childhood programming and implementing engaging learning activities for children. They [...]

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More than ‘Cute’

“I loved the project because it was so cute.” “It was a really cute idea.” “It was easy and cute.” To me, these statements are almost as bad as being called a babysitter. Quality purposeful and intentional childcare and education is more than ‘cute’. The providers that care about their children being ready for school [...]

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Request for Ideas!

Early Childhood Educators and Care Givers - I need your help! Early Learning Success writes a blog every week that supports the work you do with children and families. These articles offer strategies on various topics, resources for educators and providers, and activities to do with children and families. Archived articles can be found on [...]

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Pamper Yourself – You Deserve It!

Reposted from February 2017 - Enjoy! The more you take care of yourself, the more you are able to give to the children in your care. When you feel good and are well rested, you are able to: be patient with children, no matter what they spill!; rejoice in their accomplishment, big and not so [...]

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