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Correct Pencil Grasp

Learning to hold a pencil correctly can be a challenge for many children. Being able to write or print requires the arm, hand and fingers to work together so that there is a rhythm, flow and speed that allows for the correct letter (or number) formation. And all of this coordination requires the visual acuity, [...]

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Learning through Fall Activities

Learning is happening for children all day, every day in every thing they do! There are so many fun activities to do with children in the Fall.  It is important to remember that with each activity, developmental domains and skills are being addressed! Ghostly Toast Fun Halloween Snack Make ghost stencils from cardboard – size of [...]

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Easy Fall Ideas that Support Development

Are there ever enough ideas? Below are some easy-to-do things that are great fall activities, AND take little prep or materials! Fall Finger Play Key Developmental Domains Addressed: Language & Literacy; Creativity & the Arts Autumn winds begin to blow (blow). Colored leaves fall fast and slow (move hands to show falling leaves) Twirling, whirling [...]

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