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Supporting Children in School Readiness

Getting ready for school is a big job for any preschooler, but the everyday experiences of your family are the foundation of school readiness. School readiness is defined as the skills, knowledge, behaviors and accomplishments that children know and can do as they enter kindergarten in the following areas of child development: social and emotional [...]

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Five Strategies for a Successful Circle Time

There are many different opportunities for children to learn all day long. Some of the activities are independent and child led, others are interactive and more teacher-led. Circle time is a great time to help children develop many different skills from interactions with others to language and literacy skills. Being prepared can help group time [...]

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Get Outside and Play Ideas!

When the snow flies, most of us prefer to stay inside where it’s warm. The thought of bundling the kids up from head to toe only to stay outside for a few minutes can seem to be more trouble than it is worth. If you have some fun snow activities planned, however, the kids will [...]

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How Observation Impacts Practice

Article written by guest blogger, Jennifer Barshack Research on brain development and best practices in early childhood education has demonstrated that how a child learns in the early years, approximately from birth to five years, is critical to her/his later success in school, and in life. This includes all the developmental domains -  cognitive, social/emotional, [...]

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Starting Out Right

Every year, many of us commit to do things differently, start new projects or practices, and complete things we have started. this renewal every year helps us to think about what we have done, and how we move forward. This reflective practice is a great example for children as they develop their own skills and [...]

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