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Best Practices in Early Childhood Education and Care

In today’s world of ensuring that children are ready for school, it is important that early childhood educators and providers reflect upon their own practices. The following practices are important in providing quality early childhood programming and implementing engaging learning activities for children.  They are proven strategies that impact a child’s school and life success. [...]

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Ideas for Dramatic Play

Dramatic play helps children learn about the world in which they live.  Through ‘practicing’ what they are seeing, hearing and experiencing in their everyday life, children are able to make sense of their world.  Pretend play can also help children work out scary or new experiences in their lives – a visit to the doctor, [...]

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Setting the Stage for Success

When I am pondering something, there are questions I ask myself in order to find an answer: What Why How These questions work well when thinking about quality in early childhood education and care settings. What does ‘setting the stage for success’ mean in childcare? Why is this important for quality education and care programs? [...]

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Math and Literacy Ideas for Fall

Preschool math skills include: shapes; counting 0-20; comparing; directions/positions; classifying; size; patterning; money concepts; ordering; estimating; and measuring. Early literacy skills include: speaking; listening; emergent writing; and emergent reading skills. (emergent means the gradual process of acquiring skills) The same basic materials below can be used to support both math and literacy skills. Leaves – [...]

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Fall Leaves – Nature’s Free Learning Materials!

Do you remember how fun it was to scrunch along in piles of leaves?  Do you remember how they smelled when you rolled in them?  Do you remember how you used to marvel at their colors?  Having young children around helps us to rekindle these feelings, thoughts and smells. Fall leaves are a natural and [...]

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