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Easy School Readiness Activities

We can all use more ideas to support school readiness! Here are some great activity ideas from the Minnesota Parent Center, MN PIRC, a project of PACER CENTER.  The activities are fun, easy to do, and do not require any special materials …. Although they are geared towards parents and children, they work  just as [...]

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Falling Into Fun

Do we ever have enough ideas ? Here are some great ideas to get into the swing of fall! Apple-Cinnamon Sachets Materials: ½ cup cinnamon ½ cup store bought applesauce (homemade sauce will likely be too watery) Or any equal portions of both ingredients depending upon the quantity you need Directions: Stir together cinnamon and [...]

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Strategies for Helping Children Develop Positive Social Skills: Bullying Part 2

Children need direct teaching and lots of practice when learning new skills, including social skills.  Caregivers can model the behaviors that are expected, but sometimes they need to specifically talk about or demonstrate the new skill they want their children to learn.  There are many great books that help caregivers talk with children about feelings [...]

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What!!!! Bullying in Preschoolers??!!!! Part 1

Part 1 of a 2 part article on bullying It is in the news almost daily…. kids bullying other kids.  Most of us assume bullying behaviors start in elementary school and carry on or accelerate during the teen years.  But, unfortunately, child care settings are where many children first observe or experience early forms of [...]

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