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Brain Research & Young Children, Part 2

Day-to-Day Care of Young Children’s Brains Research on early brain development and school readiness suggests the following guidelines for the care of young children: Ensure health, safety, and good nutrition: Seek regular prenatal care; breast feed if possible; make sure your child has regular check-ups and timely immunizations; safety-proof the places where children play; and [...]

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Brain Research & Young Children

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part series on the brain research of young children. The research is pretty clear and consistent about how brain development impacts children in their early years.  The following article excerpt from the University of Maine, Extension office provides information on how the brain develops. Part 2 will provide guidelines [...]

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Bugs & Butterflies & Worms….Oh My!

Children love to catch bugs, chase butterflies or look for worms under rocks.  Although many adults are ‘creeped out’ by these, they play an important part in our environment.  Worms are essential in turning vegetation into usable soil …. or as you might know, composting. You and your children can build your own Worm Farm [...]

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Mix It Up for Summer!

It’s time to mix up a little fun!  Make sure to include the children in each step – reading the directions, gathering the supplies, measuring the ingredients and mixing up the various concoctions.  As you are doing these activities, think about the learning that is addressing STEM (science, technology, math and engineering) education.  Better yet, [...]

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