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Peace Keepers – Unit of Study that Supports Developing ‘Positive Personal Power’

Positive self-esteem ….. Membership in a group or community ….. Successful communication skills ….. Celebrating and inviting diversity ….. These are all components to develop Positive Personal Power. This Unit is an introduction to the development of Positive Personal Power.  Children and adults that are able to develop, recognize and access their Positive Personal Power are [...]

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Intentional Planning for Summer

Ahhhh Summer! Although it may be tempting to take the summer off from planning, there are many benefits in continuing with your intentional programming: Children need learning activities to keep their brains engaged A busy day goes by so much more quickly for children and adults A planned day goes by so much more smoothly [...]

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Child Development – Fine Motor Skills

Stacking blocks…. Eating with a fork and spoon…. Putting on socks…. Brushing teeth or hair These are all accomplishments that use fine motor skills and are an important part of your child’s development and school readiness.  Fine motor abilities allow for increasing independence by being able to open doors, zip and button clothes, self-toilet and [...]

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Nature’s Classroom

Children and the outdoors are meant to go hand in hand.  They love to explore new things, watch insects fly, look at the colors of a flower and the shapes of leaves.  Their sense of wonder is amazing!  The outdoors is a perfect classroom for a childcare.   All you need is a backyard or front [...]

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Stewards of the Earth

What is a “Steward of the Earth”?  What does it teach our children?  A “steward of the Earth” is someone who manages the Earth’s resources and puts it back to its original beauty so future generations can also enjoy it.  Through exploring, understanding, and preserving nature, children acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes that will help [...]

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