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Literacy for All Ages

One of the most important gifts we can give our children is a love of learning. Developing language and literacy skills is one way to instill this love of learning.  This starts in infancy, and hopefully will continue throughout their entire lives.  When we talk, touch and sing to our infants, toddlers and preschoolers, they react like [...]

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Spring Weather Ideas

Many of us wait all winter for spring! Here are some great weather ideas that support the developmental domains for early childhood WEATHER  PAPER  PLATE  Developmental Domains Cognitive Development – scientific and mathematical thinking Physical & Motor – fine motor Language & Literacy – speaking Directions: Divide paper plates into 4ths (draw black line with [...]

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Creative Art for Children

Preschool children are excited with the experiences provided through creative art activities. They are interested in the process of what they are doing. They may start off painting the middle of the paper but then are so involved with painting that soon they paint the entire paper-and it may be with only one color! School-age children also [...]

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STEM Programming for Children

How do we support STEM in early childhood education and care programming? I believe one of the first steps is to NOT BE AFRAID OF SCIENCE AND MATH!! You are actually doing math and science all day long, you just may not recognize it.  Do you count when you go up and down the stairs, do [...]

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Purposeful & Intentional Planning

Caregivers that base programming on early learning standards are purposeful and intentional in providing learning opportunities. Early learning standards are strength-based, child-focused and tell us what children can do.  They provide a blueprint to follow when planning activities so a caregiver can encourage and nurture the appropriate skills for development. This   Kite Activity  shows how to [...]

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